3 Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends for Beginners

3 Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends for Beginners


Hello Vicigers friends, here are 3 tank heroes in Mobile Legends specifically for novice players. Is there anyone?

Maybe there are some of you who want to expand your role by trying to play the role of a tank in Mobile Legends.

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Now about that, Vicigers will help give 3 tank heroes special recommendations for novice players or those who want to expand their role in MLBB.

The heroes we recommend have low mechanics, so you can try one of them. Is there anyone?


3 Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends for Beginners
Source: google.com

The first hero is Belerick, playing Belerick is very easy. You only need to direct your 1st skill to your opponent.

Then the use of skill 3 only needs to approach the opponent using flicker or skill 2 and then it's just ulti. Then the opponent will be stunned for a long time.


Source: google.com

The mechanics of this one hero are very low, you only need to attach your body and remove skills 2 and 1 only.

Then the ultimate is used only to help war teammates in chasing opponents.


Source: google.com

Then there is the Minotaur, more or less the way Hylos plays it. You just have to put on your body.

But the ultimate Minotaur here is much more useful by providing a long stun effect towards the opponent.

Those are some tank heroes that are perfect for novice players to play. What do you think, is there anything you would like to add?

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