Just Downloaded Mobile Legends? Try these 24 heroes without complicated mechanics, friend!

heroes without mechanics mobile legends

There are many hero which you can play on Mobile Legends, ranging from difficult to hero without complicated mechanics. Hero no mechanics designed for those of you who just joined games this, and you can play without thinking about it build or detailed strategy.

Of course, those of you who are new to playing Mobile Legends want to get up quickly rank, win a lot to be MVP and get a lot rewards. Not infrequently parties developer also presents some hero new that has skillset simple but instantly becomes deep meta season certain.

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Hero without mechanics in the Mobile Legends game is also used by experienced players to optimize gameplay heroes the. Experienced players also practice their playing style using hero without those mechanics especially in classic fashion.

So, anyone hero which is considered easy to use? Here's the review.

24 ML Heroes Without Complicated Mechanics For Beginners VCGamers Version


hero without zilong mechanic

Zilong is included in hero without the usual mechanics for para player beginner. Basic stat which is owned by Zilong makes it can be used by those of you who want to explore the Mobile Legends arena further.

Zilong has movement speed standard but good enough to evade the opponent's pursuit, skills 1 and 2 which are the mainstay and can make the opponent not move, then ultimatewhich adds damage all his attacks.

You can spam skills 1 and 2 at the beginning of the game so you can do it quickly kill and get EXP as well as gold which you can use toupgrade items and skills Zilong. You have to stay alert to minions, creeps, turrets and the enemy siege.


hero without alucard mechanic

At the beginning of the release of Mobile Legends (until now), Alucard was still a hero without mechanics who was quite popular among experienced players and beginners.

Ways of working skills 1, 2 and ultimate Alucard is simpler than Zilong, especially for those of you who like to slaughter.

What you need to pay attention to when using Alucard is the distance between you and hero your opponent. Alucard is fighter which relies heavily on melee attacks. You should know timing which is right when you want to slaughter your opponent.

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hero without miya mechanic

Marksman which include hero without complicated mechanics this is also the same as Alucard, it is still often used until now season now.

Normally, experienced players would use Miya when marksman the new one is already being used by a teammate, or for counter hero certain.

Almost all skillset Miya is buff basic attack powered by skills passive. Miya's playing style is almost the same as when you use Zilong, you have to upgrade skills first so that ultimateit can be used. The difference is, Miya attacks the opponent from a distance and this is Miya's plus point than Zilong.

You can spam skills 1 and 2 so that the opponent has difficulty approaching you. If you can already use ultimateMiya's, use it regularly so that Miya becomes more OP.


hero without saber mechanic

Thanks to her escaping and hiding skills, Saber went inside hero without difficult mechanics. If you like to surprise your opponent, Saber could be hero the right one for you to use.

As skills 2 Mia, skills 1 Saber can make the opponent keep their distance from you, especially if skills 1 this is good enough upgrade-his. If the opponent is still forcing himself to get close, use skills 2 so that they become slower.

Moment ultimate Saber can already be used, you can slaughter your opponent with ultimate the. The advantages of using Saber are damagewhich can be stacked accordingly EXP obtained by him, and was quite fast in producing critical damage.

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heroes without layla mechanics

Layla is usually almost often likened to Miya in terms of hero no mechanics for beginners. The difference is, Layla uses bazooka while Miya used arrows.

You can start to focus onupgrade skills 1 Layla so you can get it fast kill at the start of the match. Skills 1 is quite sick damageespecially if you can hit the opponent with skills this remotely.

Skills 2 and ultimate you can use to give damage even worse against your opponent, with passive effect slow which you can use. More and more EXP and kill what Layla does, it will hurt even more damage resulting from.


hero without eudora mechanic

Eudora is one of the mage which is included in hero without mechanics that you can master quickly. How to use Eudora is almost similar to using Layla, namely by relying on skills passive and skills 1 of it.

To defeat the opponent who is trying to break through lane your team, you can use skills 1 as Eudora's main weapon combined with skills its passive.

When lane-you are swarmed by many opponents, you can use skills 2 and ultimate so that your opponent can be quickly defeated.

Eudora is also included in early game heroes, which means, you can interfere hero your currently opposing team jungling, carry or try to get kill. Position Eudora in mid lane (the center of the map), but stay alert in assisting the team's attack as well, especially in late game.

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hero without the balmo mechanic

Balmond is hero without an ax slamming mechanic to beat up opponents and deliver true damage especially for opponents with MOBILE PHONE thick and buff certain.

Player those who use Balmond will usually act as tank concurrently fighter at the start of the game to protect fighter heroes or jungler in the team. The reason was because Balmond had skills passive that can regenerate MOBILE PHONE-his.

Moment early games, Use it skills 1 and 2 to disable hero opponent trying to penetrate lanes, and try to chase them away by chasing or kill.

When entering late game, try to make Balmond get the ability lifesteal or shield so that it can help defeat good opponents in war or one on one.


hero without rafaela mechanic

Rafaela is one of the hero no mechanics that could be OP if you can already master the style of play. As hero support, Rafaela has the ability to kill opponents with true damage at the same time ability healing which GG.

Skills Rafaela's passive can give a 'revenge' effect, because Rafaela will mark hero the opponent who kills it and produces an attack true damage if you attack hero it with skills any or basic attack-his.

Skills 1 and ultimate Rafaela is also getting sicker especially when late game. You can choose to be full support for your team with focus upgrade skills 2 Rafaela, or become a support team attack with skills 1 and ultimate-his.

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heroes without lolita mechanics

Lolita is hero without a mechanic that has a playing style almost similar to Balmond and Rafaela in terms of damage dealer and support.

Skills passive Lolita can give shield for your comrades when they are near Lolita. Shield Lolita can also be activated by using skills 2. The most important thing in using Lolita is timing to set usage skills 1, 2, and ultimate-his.

At first, you can attack your opponent with basic attack, followed by skills 2 or 1 according to need, as well as ultimate as a cover attack. You can also start with ultimate, then skills 1 and 2. First determine the role you will play so that you can determine timing the.


hero without nana mechanic

Nana is suitable for use by player who want to play offensive, use hero without difficult mechanics but still can support team.

Nana is similar to Rafaela in terms of damage dealer and the opposite of Rafaela for support team defensively. If Rafaela has skillset balanced between healing and attack, then Nana has more skillset to attack the opponent with the passive effect of skill-his.

Skills Nana's passive will turn her into a small cat and immune to damage whatever. Attack skills 2 will change hero fight and seal all abilities hero opponent with buff they.

Start from skills 2 Nana, then skills 1 and ulti-its for damage the greater one. You can also be accidentally killed by the opponent so that damage produced is even greater.

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hero without karrie mechanic

Apart from Miya, marksman this one also includes hero without difficult mechanics for beginners. Karrie has skills passive that can generate true damage for all his attacks. Plus, Karrie is also a ranged attack specialist.

You can start by using skills 1 and 2 Karrie to stack lightwheel mark up to 5 the number of such marks on one or more hero opponent. When you have accumulated as many as 5 marks, then skills 1, 2 and ultimateit will produce true damage breaker of all kinds shield and buff.

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Karrie also has movement speed which can bebuff so you can find an opening to escape when your opponent tries to turn off your movement.


hero without ruby mechanic

You can also slay your opponent with Ruby, one of the hero without mechanics, easily. The trick is to use skillsetwhich has a lot of passive effects for debuff opponent.

For example, you can use skills 2 and ultimate to attract opponents trying to escape while simultaneously attacking them with damage tall one. Continue with skills 1 so that your opponent will be slower when trying to escape again, and attack with basic attack Ruby.

Ruby has skills passive can do lifesteal so it will be very good in close combat especially.

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heroes without hylos mechanics

Hylos has skillset which is good enough for hero without mechanics. Skills the passive can increase the maximum MOBILE PHONE1.5 times, making it one of the hero in the MOBILE PHONE thick.

Skills 1 and 2 Hylos can also make the opponent helpless, especially when used on hero opponents who like to run around and flock. You can use skills 1 on the opponent moving alone, then skills 2 you can use to reduce the movement of the opponent's group.

If you want to add speed your partner effectively, use ultimate Hylos so they can move swiftly. Otherwise, hero opponent will be reduced speedher if within reach ultimate Hylos.


heroes without estes mechanics

Hero without difficult mechanics, this one is recommended for those of you who are generous and sensitive. That is, you will continue to focus as healer your team throughout the match and avoid the enemy's siege as much as possible.

Skillset Estes will give more to your friends healing, good from skills passive up to skills active. Even if you want to attack your opponent, you can use basic attack or skills 2 of it.

But don't underestimate it first, because Estes is one of them hero which in-tire in the last M3 Tournament Preliminary Round because skillsetthe one who can make the team become OP.

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heroes without diggie mechanics

Diggie as one hero without complicated mechanics is less popular, but skillsetits quite good. Having two forms like Nana, Diggie is equipped with skillset support which can be troublesome for the opponent if used properly with added true damage-his.

Skills 1 and 2 Diggie can slow down the opponent's movement by up to 80% so that it can provide enough time for your partner to finish off the opponent by skills-his.

When Diggie is killed, he will return to his egg form and each attack will result in true damage. Take this opportunity to help your teammates defeat the enemy.


hero without lesley mechanic

It's lucky if you get Lesley as a beginner, because Lesley is still considered a hero no annoying mechanics to date. Skillset Lesley is quite difficult to stop especially ultimate Lesley who chased the opponent.

For starters, you can use skills 1 for sneaking into the opponent's defense area, followed by basic attack and skills 2 for the opponent to be impacted knockback.

Focus on-upgrade skills until you can use ultimate, and use it periodically so that the opponent is overwhelmed to dodge four of Lesley's bullets.

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heroes without dyrroth mechanics

Dyrroth is hero without a mechanic that would trouble the opponent because he had burst skills which is quite sick.

If you are a beginner and have Dyrroth, you are advised to quickly master hero this one because of his ability to finish off hero in the arena of competition. Skills His 1's and 2's will be troublesome if they are in close proximity to Dyrroth.

Ulti Dyrroth will slow down the opponent's movement, plus the ability skills passive that can accumulate damage.


heroes without hanabi mechanics

Kunoichi this one can also be considered as hero no mechanics due to effects skillsetits quite simple. Playing as Hanabi requires you to always keep the distance between you and your opponent.

Skillset Hanabi has lifesteal and interfere with the movement of the opponent. You can reset the distance between Hanabi and your opponent when they get close by using skills 1 and 2 of it. If you want, you can also use ultimate Hanabi for damage the big one.


hero without gorge mechanic

Hero without this mechanic you also have to master quickly so that you can become one of the meta in party you. Although not as popular as Nana, Eudora and Rafaela, Gord has skills no less troublesome than them.

Whole skillset Gord is skills with inhibiting effect movement speed especially skills 1 of it. Combination between skills 1 and ultimate Gord will earn true damage which is quite severe for your opponent. Of course, you should upgrade second skills to be able to support core in late game.

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hero without sun mechanic

This Monkey King is also reliable enough to be used as a hero without mechanics. For starters, you can use skills 1 and 2 to attack and trouble the opponent with cloneSun's.

In addition, you also have the option to activate skills 3 Sun to attack the opponent with cloneat the same time for damage which hurts more.


hero without mechanic chou

Just like Sun, Chou is also very easy to master as hero without complicated mechanics. The advantages of using Chou are physical penetrationwhich is good enough to penetrate tanker in the MOBILE PHONE thick.

You can use skills 1 and 2 to add damage against the opponent, followed by basic attack Chou added skills passive so that the opponent will be affected slow.


hero without lylia mechanic

Use Lylia as hero without mechanics that you can use for attack and escape tactics from your opponent.

You must first learn the combination between skills 1 and 2 in order to produce damage and optimal effect. If you are confused, you can spam skills 1 or 2 only, because Lylia will get extra movement speed by using only skills 1 or 2 only.

What's interesting about Lylia is ultimatethe one who can restore his mana to the full and additional movement speed. Make the effect of ultimate this as a generating machine damage Lylia's pain whose source is skills 1 and 2 of it.

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hero without mechanic x.borg

X.Borg is one of the hero without mechanics recommended for player who likes to attack and slaughter opponents.

Skills X.Borg's passive will increase his attack and defense abilities so you have to use it to fight the siege hero as well as in one-on-one matches.

However, you have to determine timing the right one to use ultimatehim, because it will make X.Borg vulnerable to enemy attacks.


hero without edith mechanic

Here he is, hero new which is also included hero no mechanics at your disposal. Ability double role Edith as marksman and tank will help you survive throughout the game.

If you want tocover comrades, you can use Phylax and still be tanker. But, if you're going to be attack support, then you can use ultimate and change role Edith becomes marksman.

What's interesting about double role this is, you still have stat tank-mu when Edith is in mode marksman. You can use this to crush your opponents before Edith returns to ride Phylax.

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From 24 hero this, which is your mainstay Vicigers? Mastered hero it suits your playing style, bro!

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