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2021 Kominfo Blocks FF, ML, and PUBGM Online Games, Are You Sure?

Kominfo blocks online games

Hi Vicigers, did you already know that recently, the issue of Kominfo blocking FF, ML, and PUBGM online games was widely heard.

Kominfo is currently considering blocking these three online games.

Apart from these three games, there are also Higgs Domino games and other similar games, both PC and mobile games that were reported.

Who do you think reported it? If you have been following news developments regarding this issue, you must already know who reported it?

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Mukomuko Regent Asks Kominfo to Block Online Games

mukomuko regent

The emergence of this issue started with a request to block online games FF, ML, PUBGM, Higgs Domino, and other similar games by Sapuan, Regent of Mukomuko.

Quoted from Antara, on June 27 2021, Dedy Permadi as Kominfo spokesperson also explained that Kominfo would in principle always consider and process any blocking requests received in accordance with applicable regulations.

The spokesperson for Kominfo also explained that decision-making regarding the blocking of some of these games must be done carefully and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The Mukomuko Regent asked Kominfo to block online games such as FF, ML, PUBGM, Higgs Domino, and other similar games because they are considered to have many negative impacts on children.

Complete the Mukomuko Regent's blocking request, you can see in the official letter below.

Mukomuko Regent blocks online games

The request for blocking was conveyed by the Regent of Mukomuko via a letter to Johnny G. Plate, as the Indonesian Minister of Communication and Informatics.

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Then, Bustari Maller, as Head of the Mukomuko District Communication and Informatics Office, also confirmed that it was the Mukomuko Regent who requested the blockade.

Bustari explained that actually the Regent had only asked for the blocking of the online game for the Mukomuko Regency area.

This was done, because the Regent of Mukomuko considered that many children there were already addicted to online games, and should immediately receive more attention from the central government.

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EVOS Luch Gives Response Regarding Issues of Kominfo Blocking FF, ML, and PUBGM Online Games

evos luch

EVOS Luch alias Aldean Tegar, as the Head of Esports from the EVOS Esports team, gave a response regarding the issue of Kominfo blocking online games which has been hotly discussed lately.

EVOS Luch, expressed his opinion via story on Instagram a few days ago. He argues that it is the role of parents that should pay more attention in this regard.

The role of parents in question is like how they can limit, teach, and inform what games can and cannot be played to their children.

Luch also explained that if Kominfo blocks all online games mentioned by the Regent of Mukomuko, then what Kominfo is doing will not solve the problem at all, because similar online/offline games will continue to appear over time.

Apart from that, according to him, Kominfo cannot easily close or block some of these online games, because as we know that three of them (FF, ML, and PUBGM) are very big games, even the official championships have reached the world level.

If the three games are indeed blocked by Kominfo, surely EVOS and many other esports teams in Indonesia will also be affected.

So that's it, a glimpse of the latest news regarding the issue of blocking online games which is currently being discussed. So, do you agree with EVOS Luch or do you agree with the Regent of Mukomuko, Vicigers? Try to write your opinion in the comments column, OK?

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