Best Gaming Mouse Recommendations of 2020

Best Gaming Mouse

Having the best gaming mouse is every gamer's dream, both pro and casual. What distinguishes this from a regular mouse is the features embedded in the device. It definitely has speed, accuracy, and some other features that are quite useful for most gamers. Especially when used for competition and paired with a gaming keyboard, everything will be a perfect match. Regardless of you player Esports or not, everyone will want this stuff.

Which obviously has an expensive price, but for gamers it has a gaming peripherals best is a necessity. This will provide a different gaming experience and can also bring about wins. Moreover, a mouse like this is specially made with high durability so it is not easily damaged.

Mouse List Gaming Best 2020

So, here are our recommendations from various brands that are sold freely on the market. Make your choice and immediately buy at your favorite store.

  • SteelSeries Rival 710

The SteelSeries Rival 710 is one of the best gaming mice from our list to be first. The DPI is 1200 and the weight can also be adjusted according to the needs of each user. This mouse is already using mechanical switches which can last up to 60 million clicks. What makes gamers interested of course is Haptic engine and also RGB lighting. For the price, probably around 1.3 million depending on the dollar exchange rate.

For FPS games, maybe this is not very recommended considering the specifications of different needs. But for MOBA games like LOL and also Dota 2 won't be a problem.

  • Razer Viper

The shape of the Razer Viper is quite small so it fits in the hands of Asian people. The DPI for this mouse is 16000 and there are settings for adjustment. The cable from this mouse also uses Razer Speedflex, which is well known for its flexibility. The reason you should buy this mouse is that it is lightweight, has great performance and is also very responsive. Optical Switches can also last up to 70 million clicks coupled with technology Ultrapolling 1000 Hz.

The downside of this mouse is that it costs around 2.5 million. For some gamers, this is obviously quite expensive, especially for students' pockets. But for pro players, this might be their collection if they want a new mouse.

Other Brands That Have the Same Quality

  • Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

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