Cool! These 22 World Games Set in Indonesia! – Part 2

5. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is a games First Person Shooter aka FPS developed by the company game developer famous French origin, namely Ubisoft. It's in games there is nothing to directly imply that games This place is set in Indonesia. The problem, in games There are many elements of Indonesia that are found not only from the visible background of the natural environment, but also from the appearance of buildings that resemble Hindu-Buddhist temples.

How not, starting from the language spoken by the NPC characters to the animals that are there such as Komodo dragons, Sumatran tigers, Komodo dragons, cassowaries, and many other animals. In addition, Rook Island, the fictional island where the setting of this game is located on an exotic island that is most likely located in Indonesia. Anyway, everyone very synonymous with our beloved country

Continue do you know? There is one important character named Citra Talugmai, in the video uploaded on youtube entitled “Far Cry 3 – Citra Speak Indonesian” this is indeed real. In a short video clip above he says “Stop!”

6. Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Until now, Tekken is still a games the most sought after by people all over the world. Bandai Namco as game developer it's always successful to give a surprise inside games their mainstay.

One of the surprises in the eighth Tekken Tag Tournament 2 series of the Tekken game which was released on September 14, 2014 is that in this game there is a fighting arena that is very identical to Indonesia. Like The King of Fighters '97, games tofighting genre This traditional art from central and eastern Java appears as the background.

In games In this there is a battle arena that is very identical to Indonesia. The fighting arena is named wayang kulit and as the name suggests, in the arena there are many Indonesian elements such as the wayang kulit itself and also gamelan which is a native Indonesian musical instrument.

7. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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