Cool! These 22 World Games Set in Indonesia! – Part 5

15. Delta Force: Land Warrior

In games withgenre Tactical FPS alias games In this shootout, players will become one of the soldiers from Team Delta who must go through a series of missions of 30 tasks. Uniquely, from a series of backgrounds, the name of Indonesia is tucked away as one of the countries visited. The Delta team was assigned to apprehend drug kingpins in Indonesia, which is more precisely located in the Banda Sea, Maluku.

Delta Force was 'concocted' and published by NovaLogic right in the 2nd millennium. This old game was released exclusively and specifically only for platform Windows alias games PC. Unlike the previous prequels, Delta Forcewhich is currently released on Steam, Delta Force: Land Warrior unfortunately doesn't get the same treatment.

16. Mobile Legends

No need to doubt, Mobile Legends is one of the games which is being played by many circles recently. Available on Android, games it becomes games the most popular game played by millions of players from the country. Therefore, Moonton as game developer dare to present exclusive characters from Indonesia, namely Kadita and Gatotkaca who are inspired by the story of Nyi Roro Kidul. Ghatotkacha also often said "unity in diversity” which is similar to our motto, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika which means “different, still one.”

17. Arena of Valor

"Play AOV get 7M!" Para gamers must be quite familiar with the slogan, especially if gamers often watch television. However, it should be regretted beforehand if we as Indonesian citizens did not know that one of the unique things contained in this game is that it offers characters that are very thick with Indonesian elements.

As mobile gaming which is often referred to as versus-his Mobile Legends which brings the legendary character, Arena of Valor actually brings the unique character of Wiro Sableng. Wiro Sableng here is one of the heroes that players can choose. Vino G. Bastian who plays the series reboot This warrior who also went down directly became a model and contributed votes for voice line-his, you know!

It is known that the tanker hero character Wiro Sableng was released in August 2018. It is said that this one Hero Tanker is very strong with passive skills capable of receiving 60% health recovery in a dying position or if hit immobilize for 4.5 seconds.

18. FIFA: Road to World Cup 98

Talk about a games old, there is one games which in the past had shocked many circles, of course for our country, Indonesia. Games entitled FIFA Soccer 1998 Road To World Cup can be played on PlayStation consoles, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, etc.

On games about the football match, which is certainly popular with many men, it turns out that on the one hand it also shows the attractiveness of our beloved Indonesian TIMNAS which is included in the games this. However, unfortunately, EA Sport as the maker games this seems to pay less attention to detail.

As a result, what happens is that many of the names in our Indonesian TIMNAS do not match placing-his. For example, Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto who clearly goal getters most jew at that time, even made back. Then there is Nur Alim who used to take over as back, even made striker. Most likely this happened because of the limitations of technology at that time, so it was the main cause games it lacks detail.

Even so, it should be noted that game developer This includes the Indonesian TIMNAS here indeed because of the producers games who made lol, not pirated results from hackers homeland, yes. So, be proud of Indonesia, our TIMNAS has long been carried and known to many parties in this world through games this.

Now,, that was the fourth games which is set in Indonesia, adapts the concept of typical Indonesian culture, or is made directly by developer from Indonesia. Look forward to the continuation in Part 6.

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