Must read! 16 Flicker Tricks in Mobile Legends That Can Beat Opposing Heroes!

flicker mobile legends hero attack combo

Spell Flicker Mobile Legends it's not a foreign thing anymore good for player beginners as well as veterans in the arena Land of Dawn. Benefit from one battle spells this can save you from a barrage of attacks hero opponent.

Behind these benefits, spell Flicker also turns out to be able to be used to add variety to attacks hero certain. Various tricks are used in order to defeat the opponent quickly and make a lot kill.

There are about 16 hero which you can use to perform a variety of attacks using Battle Spell Flicker Mobile Legends. Some of them are even tanker. Read carefully so that the variety of attacks in the arena is more beautiful and slick!

16 Hero Who Can Hit Your Opponent With the VCGamers Version of Flicker


flicker mobile legends pharsa skill

Attack Variation Flicker the first was done by Pharsa. Hero mage which is still widely used until season this turns out to be able to increase the range of attack coverage ultimate skillby using Flicker.

As a demonstration, you need first ulti skill upgrade Pharsa to full, then aim the target hero which you want to attack. Make sure there is hero which also stands in a straight line with your main target.

After releasing the main attack, you can use Flicker to then let go ultimate second to the target hero the second one. In this way, Pharsa can double kill by using Flicker spells in Mobile Legends.


mobile legends flicker combo khufra

Spell Flicker Mobile Legends can also increase the attack distance skills 1 Khufra which is often used as a tool for jumping around the arena walls. With this trick, you can make hero the opponent was surprised because Khufra was suddenly in blind spot them in an instant.

First of all, point skills 1 Khufra to the target or area to be addressed. Then, let go skills 1 so that Khufra slid. Before Khufra lands, use Flicker so that his position is right behind the opponent.

In that situation, you can directly combo fight you with basic attack or skills 2 and ultimate. Guaranteed the opponent will freeze and not move because of this trick. Make sure you're right on target, because skills 1 Khufra is quite difficult to control especially for player beginner.

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Flicker Mobile Legends Combo Franco

The next trick you can do with skills 1 Franco who can pull and drag hero opponent.

Hero who is being hit tire in season This is also considered to be one of the tanker which is meta, so you have to master this trick so that Franco becomes more vicious in the arena if tireit has been deactivated.

First, you use skills 1 Franco and aim the target properly. After that, pull it hero the opponent in the direction you are going. Before Franco releases the anchor, push the button Flicker so that hero the opponent is blown into a more distant area.

Use this trick if you want to get started ganking good with Turret as well as with hero your team.


mobile legends flicker combo kaja

Trick Flicker Mobile Legends with hero Kaja is almost the same as Franco, because Kaja also has skills to attract opponents. The difference is, Kaja can immediately continue the attack with ultimatewhich is quite sick, slaughtering the opponent especially in a besieged situation.

To do this trick, you have to aim hero your target first, then drag in the direction you want to go. Before letting go hero it, use Flicker so that Kaja pulls further. After that, continue using ultimate Kaja to crush your opponents.

Trick Flicker it will be more effective if you aim at the direction of Kaja's pull towards the group hero opponent. Guaranteed they will be directly affected ultimate-his.

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flicker mobile legends combo chou

As one of the hero in the skills blink best, Chou has two attack variants skills which can be combined with Flicker. Fighter this one can create a combination skills 2 with Flicker then skills ultimate in the Flicker also.

The first combination, use skills 2 so that Chou did dash towards the opponent, then press the button flicker so that Chou was at a greater distance than usual.

Meanwhile, skills ultimate can you combine it with ultimate Chou who also has the same effect as skills 2 just now. The difference is, the variety of attacks ultimate and Flicker this has damage which hurts more complete with the passive effect of ultimate-his. Guaranteed Chou will be a mainstay if you can do this trick.


flicker mobile legends combo tigreal

Not inferior to Franco, Tigreal can also attract opponents and immediately cut them down with his attacks if you do this trick. Skills ultimate Tigreal that can attract opponents you can use for various attacks with Flicker Mobile Legends.

Prepare skills ultimate Tigreal first, then let go ultimateso that the opponent is attracted towards Tigreal. Just before getting hit by Tigreal, use Flicker so that its position is in the opposite direction of hero the opponent. Furthermore, you can use basic attack to beat your target.

In season This time, Tigreal is also becoming quite popular again as an option tanker which you can choose while Franco is still in-tire. So, you can show off this trick so that Tigreal can become a meta candidate in the season this.

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flicker mobile legends combo popol

Trick Flicker in the hero This popol needs to be careful in determining the target. The reason is, you must first use skills 2 to have Popol summon Kupa and let him attack the first target.

In this situation, you can set a target hero second opponent and direct Flicker to hero these two. Next, use skills 1 Popol to summon Kupa and bite the second target.

Effect from skills it is stun opponent so that you can directly attack with basic attack or with ultimate. Popol is also quite agile in moving and can block his opponent with Kupa so you don't have to worry about trying this trick.


Flicker Mobile Legends Combo Lapu Lapu 1

By making use of two mode Lapu-Lapu, you can solidify the attack CC nor burst Lapu-Lapu with Flicker spells Mobile Legends. There are three ways you can do it.

First, you can enter mode Lapu-Lapu with heavy sword to use ultimate burst-his. Just before the third attack, use Flicker towards an opponent who is quite far from Lapu-Lapu but is still in a straight line.

The trick will add to the effect burst and surprise the opponent with an attack ambush.

Flicker Mobile Legends Combo Lapu Lapu 2

Second, you only need to use skills ultimate Lapu-Lapu version twin blades towards the opponent so that the attack gets further.

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The next trick will be to take advantage of her sluggishness ultimate skill version heavy blade. Take advantage of the 1, 2 and 3 lag time attacks ultimate this is to attack three opponents at once, if you manage to do it.

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Flicker Mobile Legends Combo Zilong

Trick Flicker Mobile Legends with Zilong also involves dragging hero opponent. You can arrange timing skills 1 Zilong then combined with Flicker so that it can drag the opponent in a further direction.

Only use this trick when hero the opponent is in the team's defense area or there is your partner who is preparing to do it ganking.

You can also use skills 2 to extend Zilong's attack range combined with flicker. However, you have to be smart to press the button Flicker so that Zilong can stay on target.


Flicker Mobile Legends Combo Lolita

Hero Lolita whose performance has fluctuated in ranked match can do tricks Flicker this to be combined with skills ultimate-his. This trick will take advantage of the break from skills ultimate Lolita in order to reach the opponent who is quite far from Lolita.

All you have to do is use skills ultimate Lolita arrived at timing when Lolita was about to hit her hammer, then pressed Flicker so that Lolita was close to the opponent and ultimatehit them hard.

It would be better to use a trick Flicker This is if the opponent is in groups and Lolita is not being chased by the opponent. The reason, ultimate Lolita can stun opponents so that you and your comrades have plenty of time to reverse attacks or escape from the encirclement.

Don't forget to use skills 2 Lolitas to keep teammates safe from attacks marksman or projectiles (range attack physical).

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flicker mobile legends combo jawhead

Hero which can be used fighter and tanker it's also quite effective in doing a variety of attacks skillsher with Flicker spells. You will take advantage of skills 2 Jawheads that can throw opponents.

Use skills 2 Jawheads to aim hero opponent, then before throwing your target, use Flicker so that Jawhead's throw is further and can reach Turret or your partner.

Another option, you can throw the target at the Lord who has been defeated by your team. Lord and attack combination ultimate Jawhead will make things worse damage resulting from. Guaranteed the opponent can't move anywhere and has to wait for respawn return.


mobile legends flicker combo kadita

Same with Lolita and Lapu-Lapu, trick Flicker Mobile Legends will take advantage of delay from ultimate Kadita. Before doing so, you should first make sure that your position is safe or not.

After confirming the position, you can immediately use skills ultimate Kadita to surprise the opponent with his sudden appearance. push button ultimate, then continue using Flicker toward hero opponent to be surprised.

If you succeed, at least you will narrow the distance with your opponent so that the effect of ultimate Kadita will be sicker. Just like Lolita, you can also target timing Flicker towards the opposing crowd so that they will be impacted ultimate Kadita.

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Flicker Mobile Legends Combo Ruby

One of fighter meta di season then this also has a synergy with Battle Spell Flicker. By using blink from Flicker, you can make ultimate damage Ruby becomes more sick and powerful to defeat the opponent.

Upgrades-be first ultimate skill Ruby, then use skills it is to attract and stun opponents around Ruby. Then, use Flicker to further the pull ultimate Ruby that you have directed, good to Turret as well as teammates.

What's interesting about this variety of attacks is, the passive effect skills Ruby. When the opponent is hit stun, quick combo them with other Ruby attacks or take advantage of teamwork to ganking.


flicker mobile legends combo wanwan

Trick Flicker can further increase the power of destruction ultimate Wanwan who can upgrade attack speed-it is 30%. When you use skills This is for hero an opponent who is not blocked by a wall, may be more effective.

When you use Flicker, Wanwan's attack range is much further and even walls she can pass. The trick is, use ultimate Wanwan first, then direct Flicker to the wall where the opponent is hiding to surprise them.

With Flicker, you don't have to worry about being blocked by walls or Turret to use ultimate. Make sure you can also use it properly so Wanwan's attacks are more accurate.

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Flicker Mobile Legends Combo Freya

Many say that Freya has a weakness in blink and coverage skillswhich is less adaptable to meta season both then and now. However, you can try this trick so that Freya can shine again in Land of Dawn.

Attack Variation Flicker this will take advantage of skills 2 Freya who can push dan stun opponent. Because Freya had to stack skills 2 is 4 times, then you need to calculate using it.

First of all, stack skills 2 to 4 times, then use stack it towards the opponent to be combined with spell flicker. This will add blink skills 2 goes further and you can also continue with another combo of Freya's attacks.


flicker mobile legends combo silvanna

Flicker Next Mobile Legends will take advantage of skills 1 and 2 Silvanna. Had viral when it appeared, now Silvanna is less able to adapt to meta season this. The same fate as Freya, you can still use it by carrying Flicker for spell-his.

You can use either skills 1 and skills 2 Silvanna to catch your opponent off guard. Skills 1 which was merged with Flicker will have a wider range and can position Silvanna behind the opponent.

Skills 2 Silvanna can also be utilized with Flicker so you can stab your opponent from both the front and the back. With these two tricks, it is guaranteed that the opponent will be caught off guard and have trouble predicting the direction of Silvanna's attack.

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That's 16 tricks Battle Spell Flicker Mobile Legends that you can use in the arena Land of Dawn. If you have skillset hero certain with CC or blink other, maybe Flicker will be put to better use.

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