12 Really Weird Resident Evil Enemies-Part I

The Resident Evil series does have a long history, especially since it has its famous games and movies. In the first game, Resident Evil introduced Raccoon City which was filled with Zombies. But the more you come here, the more diverse the enemies that appear. Even we are introduced to iconic enemies like Mr. X and Nemesis.

Some of the enemies also look really terrible, where the virus turns ordinary animals into giant crocodiles, which can also be found in the sewers of Raccoon City. Well, among these monsters, there are some enemies that are considered the strangest by fans. Who are they? See below.


There is no denying that Resident Evil 4 became games fan favorite. But games this produces some of the weirdest and ugliest main enemies really, bye. One of them is Ramon Salazar, sa strange boy-boy with an annoying personality and an even more annoying voice.

Physically, Salazar's body is very small. The most annoying thing is his terrible voice. Ramon is a nobleman who comes from a royal lineage who controls a remote region of Europe. When he showed the bridge of his nose, not a few suspected that Ramon Salazar was a scary version of Napoleon Bonaparte who was lost in a parallel world.

Although it was a bit odd because this person had a very old appearance, body like a child, but claimed to be only twenty. In addition, he can also turn into a very strange creature, and he becomes a boss that is also annoying. But, like it or not, the players had to face Salazar to finish game-his.

#2 – James Marcus (Resident Evil 0)

A biologist and virologist is none other than the main antagonist in Resident Evil 0. Together with Edward Ahford and Oswell E. Spencer, James seeks to create a virus that can be used as a military weapon and useful in the next World War. Their clandestine operations are disguised under the guise of a pharmaceutical company called the Umbrella Corporation. In the end, these characters managed to find the early stage T-Virus.

Unexpectedly, he is betrayed by Spencer who then orders two Umbrella special agents, William Birkin and Albert Wesker, to kill him. But James wasn't really dead. Instead, she rose again thanks to the forbidden experiment she had been practicing for a long time as Queen Leech.

Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen, the two protagonists RE 0, managed to uncover the weakness and crush James once and for all. Elsewhere, the grand plan orchestrated by James was counting down the clock. The events that followed were the destruction of Raccoon City and the collapse of Umbrella's great reputation. James' revenge is even more perfect when Oswell Spencer officially becomes the most wanted criminal in the world.


Jill Valentine is a colleague and close friend of Chris Redfield when he was still a member of STARS. He is reported to have disappeared in an incident that occurred at a mansion owned by Spencer when he was about to arrest Spencer in 2006 ago. He was thrown into the abyss from the window with Wesker while trying to save Chris who was almost killed by Wesker.
Pada tahun 2009 akhirnya Chris bertemu kembali dengannya, akan tetapi dalam keadaan telah ‘dicuci’ otaknya. Sebelum identitasnya terungkap, Jill mengenakan jubah hitam dan topeng. Ia bertindak sebagai bodyguard Irving during a BOW sale in Africa. At the end of the story Chris manages to restore his memory and free him by removing the control device that Wesker has attached to his chest.

#4 – Dr. Salvador / Chainsaw Man

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Nothing gives more panic attacks than the sound of a chainsaw. Chainsaw Man will provide the sensation of horror coupled with killing in one hit. Not to mention he'd be chasing Leon S. Kennedy everywhere he went. You will often say, "O Allah, Gusti.. Oh my God, oh my goodness," so be prepared to sport heart.

#5 – William Birkin (Resident Evil 2)

Speaking of an enemy whose fate was tragic, in Resident Evil Universe, that character is William Birkin. Who would have thought that he was a genius virologist with an extraordinary contribution to Umbrella, who transformed into a very scary form?

This scientist is in charge of the Golgotha Virus project, a virus capable of revitalizing dead cells and even giving its user superpowers. However, despite showing impressive progress, the greedy company still refused to give him a higher position.

Will decides to hand over his findings to the United States military. The condition is that they must ensure the safety of their families. Unfortunately, the Umbrella special forces came first and stole the masterpiece. William was then shot to death.

Seriously injured, Will consumes a sample of the G-Virus. This serum does give him superpowers, but in the form of a monster. This monster continues to transform little by little until it becomes the final boss in the Resident Evil 2 game.

His wife, Annette Birkin, also lost her life while defending her husband's hard work. It was only Sherry, who luckily managed to survive and grow into a formidable woman until now.

Now,, those were the five main enemies in games The first Resident Evil that was both weird and creepy in appearance, yes. Look out for the seventh strangest enemy in part 2 and part 3 coming.
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