12 Really Weird Resident Evil Enemies-Part III

#11 – Mr. X

Another enemy that appears in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 2: Remake. Yes, Tyrantcodename Mr. X in the past has been pretty annoying where gamers should avoid it in most situations. The reason is, almost throughout the game, Mr. X is always chasing you guys random. Escape from Mr. X being the best way of course.

So what if you fight back? Of course you can fight Mr. X but can't kill him even if he uses the Rocket Launcher. This of course will waste your bullets which could be very valuable later.

In Resident Evil 2: Remake Mr. X is made to be more fierce, fierce, and painful for his attacks. Even the moment of the appearance of Mr. X became so terrifying that he could break through walls! Not only that, what's other annoying is when Mr. X appears, the music will suddenly become tense and uplifting gamers hard to concentrate.

#12 – U3

A monstrous form combining a loathsome insect and human into one. Has another name "It." How to explain this monster? A centipede monster that has half a human body in its center so it looks like a centaur, but not a centaur.

anyways, U-3 is the final boss of Resident Evil 4, your only focus is on running. Besides that, this monster is also very strong, when facing it it seems as if it gives terror that is different from other monsters. The shot only slowed him down, not killed him. Plus you are given a limited time on stage that, so what's lacking? However when facing this monster it is not as sturdy as it looks, this monster can be defeated quickly if you know how to kill it.

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