10 Weapons in Video Games That Are Very Expensive If They Are in Real Life-Part II

Refer to part I next door, ok Let's continue, what kind of weapon would it be that if visualized and realized in real life, the price would be expensive very? Let's check this out!


According to experts, Battlefleet Gothic aka BFG in The Doom Series, must be capable of at least 7 gigajoules of energy in a single blast. Today, plasma weapons are no longer something that is beyond the reach of possibility and can be realized.

Only, considering the fact that the plasma guns here are not yet perfected – is that even possible – they require several times the $500 billion equivalent of what the United States Department of Defense spends on weapons research and development every year, just to improve the technology of these weapons?


From end to end, it is about 6 feet long with a large single-edged blade about 12 inches wide. Life-size replica sells for $1,399 at platform shopping on line Etsy. However, the replica comes with the following caveat: “While this item is sharp, please note that it is essentially useless as an actual sword.”

So it's good for cosplay, but make sure that you won't take him into actual combat. In other words, it's a replica – as advertised – and nothing more. If you want your giant sword to be useful in battle, consider paying at least the price for a katana.

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