10 Weapons in Video Games That Are Very Expensive If They Are in Real Life-Part I

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to get a real life version of a destructive weapon from a video games your favourite? By definition, their weapons weren't real, but imaginable, so thejoking-an is here for thinking about owning a gun video games in real life is quite a fun thing.

Here are some rough guesses, with a caveat: these are not calculations by a mathematician, they are likely to be distorted. Come on, check this out!


Metroplex is the name for one of the fictional robot characters from the sequel The Transformers, large robots brought to life by an imaginary resource called Energon. The Metroplex is 192 feet tall (Movoto's calculations are based on relative height almost all toys), 698 feet according to one of the old Transformers booklets, or 2,600 feet tall according to the Transformers comics in a different version.

If these robots are real, we need to find an energy source comparable to the Energon, and physically build a fully equipped robot with weapons equivalent to a combat base that can also walk and talk. The Metroplex will require 11,091 square feet of property and cost $ 6,214,580 to construct, including weapons. But, that amount of money is just for the value of the property, not including construction costs which are sure to significantly increase costs. Expensive very, yes.


Para game theory It is conclusively speculated that the Type 1 Energy Weapon/Sword or commonly known as the Halo Energy Sword, the light and energy on the blade could basically be made of plasma – an object made of lightning that is technically held in shape by a blade. lightsaber by forming a superheated plasma with a magnetic field.

So, how much did it cost to actually build this one weapon? No one knows for sure how much, as this weapon requires a way to isolate the plasma to maintain its shape. So, let's say a few trillions – more dollars than currently circulating. With that kind of money, it might be better to invest in alternative energy sources or give everyone on Earth clean water to drink. If you like human things like that, agree ga?


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The Karma-45 is very similar to the heavily modified KRISS Vector, the stock of which is currently selling for $ 1,495. The main distinguishing feature of the Karma-45 is the dual-barreled design. Barrels for the KRISS Vector sell for $ 255 apiece, two for $ 510, so roughly $ 2,000. Given that one stock is made for one barrel, a second stock may be required for the component. The result is $ 3,500. Equipped with thermal optics ($ 5,000), the Karma-45 will be around $ 8,500 for parts alone – not cheap for a submachine gun, guys.


Para ilmuwan, para scientist dan fisikawan, jangan ragu jika hendak menertawakan dan / atau mengoreksi spekulasi lemah dari perhitungan berbasis fisika ini. Para gamers yang sedang ingin membeli Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device (FLUDD) yang berfungsi penuh berhipotetis bahwa…

Penggemar setia Nintendo telah membuat replika FLUDD seharga sekitar $ 40. Untuk tujuan cosplay the hell buatan mereka boleh juga. Tapi, untuk benar-benar mengangkat Anda ke udara dengan tekanan air saja, seperti yang dilakukan FLUDD di Super Mario Sunshine, replika jelas tidak memiliki kemungkinan seperti itu.

FLUDD pada dasarnya adalah versi truk pemadam kebakaran berukuran ransel, dengan katup pengisi, port pembuangan, dan port hisap. Ini adalah jetpack mesin pemadam kebakaran. Di dunia nyata, jetpack bertenaga air dibandrol seharga sekitar $ 6.500. Tapi masalahnya jetpack ini harus dihubungkan ke sumber air (misalnya, danau) dan perahu pribadi berkekuatan 180 horsepower agar dapat berfungsi.

Di dalam video games aslinya, FLUDD ini bahkan tidak dilengkapi dengan selang yang siap tempur. Untuk satu hal, di dunia nyata, jumlah air yang dibutuhkan untuk mengangkat seseorang ke udara tidak dapat dibawa-bawa dengan tas punggung. Now,, bingung right??


Di South Park: The Stick of Truth, dodgeball adalah senjata jarak jauh yang tangguh. Menghadapi 25-52 damage, dengan pukulan keras dua kali terhadap baju besi dan potensi untuk memantul ke musuh secara acak, dodgeball adalah senjata teratas dalam pertahanan playground yang canggih. Anda bisa mendapatkan dodgeball playground standar dengan harga sekitar $10/senjata di platform shopping on line Amazon, lumayan mahal ya.

Now,, itu tadi adalah lima senjata pertama yang ceritanya jika dibuatkan di kehidupan nyata itu harganya mahal very, ya. Nantikan kelima senjata kedua di part 2 mendatang.
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