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Create Vicigers who just downloaded the game League of Legends Wild Rift, maybe you are still a lot confused. Who is the most suitable LoL Wild Rift hero for beginners?

The mobile version of League of Legends, which was just released on October 27 2020, has succeeded in making MOBA game fans excited. This game, which is also a rival to DOTA 2, deserves to be included in the list of the best and most exciting MOBA games, even better than Mobile Legends!

Just like other MOBA games, this game that is more familiarly called LoL also has heroes or champions with various levels of difficulty. For those of you who are beginners, don't worry, VCGamers has 12 recommendations for the best LoL mobile heroes, just choose!

LoL Wild Rift Hero Recommendations for Beginners

1.Master Yi

Af1cc's Best Lol Mobile Hero

The Jungler role attached to this hero is enriched with high damage and attack speed, so playing with LoL mobile heroes for beginners like Master Yi will make your game effective. Not to mention, the clearing camp can also be done quickly. Regarding ultimate skills, Master Yi has Highlander which makes it really functional when ganking. Immunity to slow, an additional movement speed of 25%, and an increase in attack speed of 30%, is it not enough, let alone Master Yi?

2. Lux

Hero Lol Mobile Op 728e2

Want to play as a midlaner? Try it, use the best easy-to-play LoL mobile hero. Skill 1, Light Binding, can stun two heroes at once. Skill 2, Prismatic Barrier, will allow him to throw the stick in the direction you want and provide shields for teammates. His Final Spark skill also produces attacks like a laser with really overpowering damage!

3. Jinx

Hero Lol Wild Rift E1b6d

Marksman role fans can use Jinx, one of the LOL mobile heroes who has incredible damage, while learning LoL you can also harvest kills! This deadly champion also has an attack speed, so you can imagine the shooting speed plus the high damage that makes him a team mainstay. Not all of his skills are active either, because Jinx has a passive skill, namely Get Excited which is really useful throughout the match thanks to the bonus movement speed if the attack hits the target.

4. Blitzcranks

Strongest Lol Mobile Hero 63bb3

Support is a very important role in MOBA games, therefore you can say that this recommendation is included in the line of overpowered LoL mobile heroes, especially in the early-game. Enemies will have a hard time facing Blitzcrank thanks to the Rocket Grab and Power Fist skills which, when used together, can kill other champions instantly. Are you interested in being a support for Vicigers?

5. Ashes

Hero In Lol Mobile 15b01

Don't be embarrassed if you're still a newbie, you can try Ashe, the LoL mobile hero with the ADC role aka attack-damage carry doesn't need a combo skill that can make your fingers curl, Ashe can be very reliable to be the initiator using her ultimate skill, the Enchanted Crystal Arrow which can stun enemies.

Apart from that, Ashe is also a range hero, so it's safer for you to attack your opponents in the game. Luckily, you will also get Ashe from the start, so you can try this hero from the first time you play Wild Rift.

6. Garen

Hero Lol Mobile Support 74972

Garen is a LoL mobile hero for beginners that is really recommended everywhere. If beginners are usually afraid of dying when attacking, Garen's tanker role will relieve you a bit because this hero has really good durability and you don't have to wait until the late game, Garen is even strong enough to fight 1 vs 1 in the early game without a good combination of skills. complicated for you to play.

7. Jhin

Hero Lol Mobile Overpower 5a043

So, for Vicigers who already understand how to play Mobile Legends for beginners, playing LoL using this hero will definitely not be foreign to you, because this hero in LoL mobile has gameplay that is quite similar to Granger Mobile Legends. However, to play Jhin you need to be careful, because Jhin is not equipped with good escape skills, and his attacks are also limited. Yup! his auto attack attacks only produce 4 attacks, which always issue a critical attack on the fourth time. This is the reason why Jhin can be your favorite LoL Wild Rift hero.

8. Vi

The Sickest Lol Mobile Hero D21a2

Attractive and simple, that's Vi. This Champion who has the Jungler role is perfect for beginners who want to play with a hero with a simple skill set.

Even so, you can get instant kills and gank enemies if you play using Vi, so this hero is also quite recommended for you to play ranked mode.

9.Miss Fortune

Hero League Of Legends Wild Rift 5164b

Another marksman with simple controls, namely Miss Fortune. To maximize the skills and potential they have, you have to be smart at farming. His ultimate skill which is an area will also be ready to injure your opposing team members easily.

Want more exciting? Try playing with the combo Marksman duo, namely Miss Fortune + Ashe. Guaranteed, this combination will make them LoL mobile overpower heroes that can be hard to beat.

10. Vaynes

The Easiest Lol Mobile Hero 54dab

Another female hero with the Marksman position who can be a mainstay for newbies on the battlefield. Vayne is quite different from other Marksman, because she has high movement speed due to her Ultimate skill which gives her buffs for movement and attack speed. Thanks to this skill, Vayne is an agile, easy-to-use Marksman hero, and most importantly, this hero doesn't die easily!

Vicigers, those are 10 recommendations from VCGamers regarding the best LoL mobile heroes that you can use if you are still a beginner. Come on! Try all of the heroes above so you can find out which hero you are compatible with for your gameplay.

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