Wow 1 Free Harith Mobile Legends Skin from Moonton Season 20

Harith Free Skin For Mobile Legends Players

Hallo Vicigers friends, Approaching the anniversary of the annual Mobile Legends event, 515 Unite, Moonton often provides a variety of new content for its players. This year, although it hasn't been released on the original server yet, Moonton will finally provide a free skin for its players, namely the Harith skin "Fashion Expert".

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Fashion Expert Harith himself has actually known the file by several well-known leakers in Mobile Legends since 2019. This skin was originally released for an epic limited, which can be obtained by playing lucky box events on Mobile legends every month.

Harith Mobile Legends Free Skins
Source : ML_LPY

However, this Fashion Expert skin is often delayed until recently, where a Mobile Legends leaker rumored that the Fashion Expert skin will be released by Moonton and given free to its players on the Mobile legends advance server.

This is part of the Mobile Legends event, namely 515 unite events that will present other quality content.

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