How to Buy RansVerse Land

RansVerse . Land

This time we will tell you about how to buy land on RansVerse, the first Metaverse in Indonesia.

You can buy land at RansVerse during the Initial Land Offering (ILO) 1.1 period.

The ILO 1.1 event will be held tonight, Monday 30 May 2022 at 21.00 WIB.

Everyone can buy digital land in the metaverse. So, how? Let's see!

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How to Buy Land on RansVerse

Plots of Land in RansVerse.

It's very easy to buy land on RansVerse. You can buy it using $VCG Token.

First of all, you must have $VCG Token. You can get it at Pancakeswap (BEP20), Uniswap (ERC20), Indodax and in $VCG Swap.

After that, go to the official RansVerse page (Click here).

If you are already logged in, just click Buy LAND on the RansVerse page.

Then, connect it to the crypto wallets you have such as TrustWallet, Metamas, Safepall and Wallet Connect.

Then, you send $VCG Token to the Smart Contract listed on the LAND that you want to buy.

Make sure your $VCG Token is enough to buy the desired LAND.

Here's how to buy land on RansVerse:

  • Login to Page RansVerse.
  • Select Buy LAND.
  • Select the desired land.
  • Click Buy LAND
  • Connect with your crypto wallet (TrustWallet, Metamask, Safepal, Wallet Connect).
  • LAND Enabled (Smart Contract Call)
  • LAND Can be Bought.

Prior to tonight's ILO RansVerse, there will be an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event from VCGamers and ShintaVR.

You can follow the event to find out details about RansVerse.

Be a part of Indonesia's technological development history by taking part in RansVerse!

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About RansVerse

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RansVerse is the first metaverse in Indonesia that uses blockchain technology from VCGamers as the foundation that connects the physical and virtual worlds.

Various things that are in RansVerse will later be in the form of NFT.

RansVerse Builder will be a basic feature for players to be able to create & design their own NFT such as houses, costumes, vehicles, accessories and more.

In addition, the NFT can be traded on the VCGamers NFT Marketplace using the $VCG Token.


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