10 Problems on Xbox Series XS and How to Solve Them

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Hi Vicigers! You already know that Xbox Series X is Microsoft's next-gen console which has now been officially released globally throughout the world. Carrying specifications slightly higher than the PS5, the Xbox Series X was also not free from various problems. Yup, this is very reasonable, Vicigers, because electronic goods always have problems, whatever it is. Moreover, the Xbox Series X is a first-generation next-gen console that has many possible problems.

VCGamers has summarized some of the problems found with Xbox Series X and how to resolve them. We'll see the same!

1. No EA Play App on Xbox Series X and S

On several Xbox Series X and S sales, Microsoft has worked closely with EA to provide a 10-hour EA Play trial period, where users can claim and play popular EA games, such as FIFA 21 or Madden 21 on Xbox Series X and S.

However, hmm but some users don't find the EA Play application on their Xbox Series X and S consoles. To solve this problem, users can go to "Store" and "Search" to find the EA game they want to play, then click the "Free Trial with EA Play" button in the game description. To access the entire EA Play Library, users can go to “My Games & App >> Full Library >> EA Play”.

2. Sound on Disc Tray

The problem with the Xbox Series X that went viral on Twitter was the problem with the Xbox Series X noise generated on the console's disc tray device. The issue was uploaded by the Twitter account @Rwillows which showed that his Xbox Series X console made a noise like a machine gun.

Unfortunately, for this problem there is no solution to fix it. So the best way to get rid of this noise problem you can only contact Xbox customer service for how to solve the problem.

3. Unreadable DVD and Blue-ray

Some Xbox Series X users have reported problems when inserting DVDs or Blue-rays into their Xbox Series X consoles. But the console doesn't respond and just displays a dark image on the screen. To overcome this, users can eject the DVD and Blue-ray back from the console, then restart the Xbox Series X console, then re-insert the DVD and Blue-ray.

In addition, if the user accidentally inserts another game disc on the Xbox Series X but it gets stuck inside. The solution, the user can press the button located in the small hole in the round mat area on the console. Users can press the button by using the sim-tray ejector from the smartphone or using a paper clip.

4. Xbox Wireless Controller Cannot Connect with Windows 10

With every purchase of an Xbox Series X or S, users will get a new Xbox Wireless controller. Almost the same as the previous generation Xbox controller, this Xbox Series X controller can also be connected to a PC or laptop via connectivity via Bluetooth or cable.

However, there were some issues found if the new Xbox Wireless controller was unable to connect to the PC or laptop. To solve this problem, users can update Windows 10 first by going to “Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates on your Windows 10 PC”. After Windows 10 gets the update, the controller can automatically connect to the PC.

5. Visuals Don't Appear on TV with 4K/120 Hz Resolution

The next problem is when users use a TV that supports 4K resolution with 120 Hz and has HDMI VRR, then there is a problem when paired with the Xbox Series X so that it does not display any visuals or distortion occurs.

This is because the television used does not yet have the latest firmware, so users must update the firmware on the television so that the Xbox Series X runs properly at 4K and 120 Hz resolutions.

This problem is often found on Samsung and LG branded televisions. To update the firmware, users can visit the official website or contact the customer service of the two brands.

6. Error When Running Game

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Some users have also reported an error saying “Something went wrong. 0x800708a” when running some games from Xbox One on Xbox Series X or S after automatically updating content.

To solve this problem, users can solve it by resetting the Xbox Series X and S consoles. To do this, users can go to “Settings > System > Console info > Reset console > Reset and Keep My Games & Apps”. Users can also solve the problem by deleting the content in the game and re-downloading it through the My Games & Apps menu or the Xbox Games Store.

7. Headset Microphone Problem

Another issue encountered was when using the microphone from a third-party headset when connecting it to a new Xbox Wireless controller. The microphone feature of the headset is not working and is not being used.

To solve this problem, make sure the user has connected the headset to the 3.5mm audio jack port on the Xbox Wireless controller. After that, users can adjust the microphone in the Xbox Audio Mixer settings, by going to Guide > Audio.

8. Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility Problem

The next problem occurs in the backwards compatibility feature on the Xbox Series X and S, where when a user runs an Xbox 360 game, it suddenly returns to the Home dashboard. To solve this problem, users can clear the storage from the Xbox 360 by going to Settings > System > Storage > Clear local Xbox 360 storage.

9. Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem

Some users reported that there was a problem when connecting the wireless connectivity on the router. However, the problem occurs on certain types of routers, such as the FRITZ!Box 7430. Where the Xbox Series X cannot connect to the router. To overcome this, users can connect the network via a LAN cable or use connectivity from another router. Currently the team from Microsoft is still investigating the problem.

10. Xbox Series X Turns Off When Running Games

Almost the same as the problems that occurred on PS5, Xbox Series X and S also experienced shutting down when they wanted to run games. It was reported that some users experienced the same thing when playing games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Xbox Series X will experience problems when running Activision's FPS games.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not provided information on how to solve the sudden shutdown problem. But users can reset the Xbox Series X and S by going to Settings > Profile & System > System > Console info >> Reset console, then you can select the Reset and Remove Everything button to return the Xbox Series X or S back to factory settings.

So, those are some of the problems that occur on the Xbox Series X and S and how to overcome them. Vicigers still interested in buying the Xbox Series X and S?

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